As a personal stylist, my goal is the help you present your best self to the mirror and the world. Put simply, I want to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes when you put your best foot forward. Whether that’s for a special occasion, everyday workwear or building a capsule wardrobe. It could also be for picking wardrobe style staples or simply understanding your personal style.

I aim to take the stress out of shopping and the hassle out of looking good. No fashion question is too small or big, too silly or obvious to ask. I’d love to assist you, even if it’s with learning this season’s colours, getting the best tote bag for your job or the right power suit for your frame. So if you’ve got a style related question, feel free to ask the stylist below and I’ll have you looking right.

  • When asking a question, please be as specific as possible. E.g. Date/timeframe of event, Dress/shoe size, short sleeve or long sleeve, heels or flats, colours, your budget for the item(s) requested etc.
  • If you need to send an image for reference or inspiration, please email it to: style(at)abigailayoola(dot)com with “Ask The Stylist” in the subject line. Make sure to mention that you’ve sent an email in your question below so that I know which question the email refers to.
  • Apart from your name, please do not include any sensitive personal information
  • As some answers will require research and referral links to requested products, please allow up to 72hrs for a reply
  • When posting your comment, be sure to select the option for a follow up email, so that you’re notified when your reply has been posted.


  1. Naomi
    08-05-2019 / 22:15

    I will be getting married soon and looking for teardrop earrings for my special day. Can you help?

    • Abigail Ayoola
      10-05-2019 / 10:23

      Hi Naomi,

      Firstly, congratulations on your pending nuptials.

      Great choice to go for classic style teardrop earrings for your special day, I’m sure you’ll look beautiful.
      Although I don’t have an idea of your budget, I’ve created some options for you with low to high price points and different styles depending on your taste.

      I hope this helps and thank you for stopping by. Abigail. Xx

  2. Louise
    15-05-2019 / 15:03

    I am after shoes and a clutch bag to go with a blue outfit (with silver embellishments).

    Thanks xx

    • Abigail Ayoola
      20-05-2019 / 18:42

      Hello Louise,

      Thank you for your question. For a blue outfit, you could either do a monochrome look where your bag and shoes are also blue to match or a contrasting outfit with another bold colour against the blue.

      If you do a monochrome blue look, varying shades of blue accessories will work well against each other and give the look some dimension. If you decide on a contrasting outfit, you’re better off going with silver, purple or green bag and shoes since you mentioned the silver embellishments.
      If you didn’t have the silver embellishments, yellow, orange, red and pink would also work well with a warmer blue outfit or golden embellishments. I have created some bag and shoe options for you below and I hope this helps you complete your look. I’m sure you’ll look great. Abigail. Xx

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