This fabulous beauty box haul features all of the amazing products from the Glowwbox September, October and November 2015 beauty boxes. All the featured products are availble to purchase individually on the GlowwBox online store, although these specific months boxes are no longer available. You can also get the latest and future Glowwboxes at 50% off with the discount code TLOVES.



LipGlam Natural Lanolin Lip Balm  
If there’s one thing you should never neglect, it’s your lips. For your lipstick to look its best, be sure to keep your lips moisturised at all times to keep them soft. Discovering new lip balms can be a real treat especially during the cold months of the year when our lips and skin seem to suffer the most. The Lipglam Lanolin lip balm works really well and it has a great consistency, that is not too thick or watery. Even though it lasts long on the lips, it’s effects aren’t as long lasting as the lips feel dry as soon as it’s rubbed off. The LipGlam balm works best when used as a light base before applying a matte lipstick.

Lord & Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick (Deep Nude)
The Lord and Berry deep nude lipstick is shockingly but positively highly concentrated and intensive. I can be quite bright on darker skin tones but looks amazing once it is blended with a brown lip pencil. The Lipstick’s satin finish is amazing and it glides on easily with a silky, nourishing and long lasting feel.

Revlon Nail Enamel (Knockout)
Revlon Nail Enamel (Knockout)

When it comes to nail colours, lighter tones are everyday favourites but the Revlon knockout black really is a stunner. Just like the perfect coral from the USA All Stars beauty review, it is stylish, striking and long lasting as it’s still going strong after almost two weeks of wear.

Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow Pencil Duo (Kim)
Green eyeliner isn’t an everyday go-to, but the Wild about beauty eyeshadow pencil is surprisingly easy to wear. It even works with more simple ‘natural’ looks and glides on so easily with the most moisturizing feel. The two ends with varying thickness help to create the perfect winged eye.

STYLondon Temporary Tattoos (Rose Gold Collection 1) & (Rose Gold Collection 2)
The popularity of the gold temp tattoos are hard to ignore, with even the likes of Beyonce sporting them, and Glowwbox didn’t miss a beat. The easy to use and non-toxic beautiful temporary tattoos from STYLondon make awesome accessories. Also, their various design options look very pretty on the body and last for days.



Wild About Beauty Crème Eyeshadow (Buster)
This warm autumnal metallic brown eyeshadow gives a very pretty nude/natural look. It has a beautiful satin finish and is quite light and shimmery on application.

Kiss Cosmetics KISStick (Lady In Red)
KISStick is a KICKass lipstick! No matter how many people disagree with red lipstick with dark skin tones, it will always be a beautiful combination. The KISStick is a great red lippie and not only does it last for hours but it’s truly one of the most moisturizing lipsticks around. Although it is a bold red, it suits darker skin tones perfectly.

Evolve Skincare Radiant Glow Mask
The radiant glow mask does everything it says on the simple and sweet tin
From first use, the face mask’s exfoliating properties really makes an impact. The micro beads work wonders on the skin and you can really feel the difference after each use. It smells beautifully of cocoa and is so effective, a weekly session simply does the trick. It leaves your skin with a nice moisturised feeling but not greasy. The radiant glow mask does leave some brown residue on the skin, but this can be combated by immediately cleansing again afterwards.

Wild About Beauty Nail Colour (Tanwen)
Wild About Beauty Nail Colour (Tanwen)  

This Wild about beauty shade is a gorgeous Autumnal green. It’s quick drying, long lasting and suits most skin tones so well.

Benecos Natural Kajal Eyeliner (Brown)
A dark eyeliner really enhances the eyes, but this benecos brown eyeliner works so well for defining the bottom eye line where a black liner can be quite harsh. It also works beautifully as a lip liner because the shade works perfectly with nude and pink lip colours.

Design Essentials Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Creme
When it comes to hair, Argan Oil is royalty. The Design Essentials moisturizing crème is lightweight, nourishing and hydrating. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the hair or hands, although it does have an usual watermelon-y scent to it.



The Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and
Humecto Crème Conditioner work wonders for the hair, de-tangling it with ease and leaving it silky soft and feeling fresh.

After washing and conditioning, just a little of the Essential Oils for the Hair goes a long way on wet hair before blow drying to lock in moisture. Then a little Silken Seal and High Sheen Glossifier before the end of the blow dry gives a fabulous natural gloss and feel for styling without feeling greasy.

Also included in this Limited Edition box is the KeraCare Crème Press.



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