This beauty review is all about a cocoa affair with the Glowwbox April edition. It truly is a beauty treat for luscious limbs, filled with colour, shimmer and scents galore. So here are the beauty bits worth having an affair with this month.

Figs & Rouge Mocha Orange Hand Cream

A pretty packaged hand cream that has the strongest orange scent, which is great if you like oranges. It is light to the touch and easily absorbed. It’s great for on-the-go moister and constant use as it doesn’t have a thick balmy feel.

IMAN Luxury Eye Shadow, Tiger Eye

This is definitely a favourite item of the April beauty box because the Iman Tiger eye shadow is the perfect shade for everyday wear. It glides on with ease, blends well by using the simplest brush and beautifully compliments many skin tones. It’s perfectly pigmented so it shimmers without being too shiny and gives your lids the perfect glow.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Magic Foot Scrub

This is where the cocoa affair comes into the whole beauty review. The Palmers’ Cocoa Butter Foot Scrub really does have a touch of magic on the feet because it really softens the skin. Although it is a very coarse scrub, it also works well as a body scrub too, to leave you feeling fresh and smooth all over.

Inlight Chocolate Face Mask

For some extra cocoa, it’s a pleasant experience trying out the chocolate face mask. It is also quite tempting to put it all IN your face as opposed to ON your face but once you fight the temptation, your smooth and moisturised face will thank you for it.

NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Stick, Divine Amber

The Nyx glam shadow stick is a glorious wand that leaves gold wherever it touches and so easily too. You effortlessly just have to glide the shadow stick wherever you desire on your eye lids and the extremely pigmented gold stick does the work for you. It’s great for blending it into the inner corners of your eyes for a little evening glam.

Benecos Nail Polish, Ice Ice Polish

What a beautiful blue for the new season and the perfect pastel shade for darker skin tones. It’s easy to become a fan of Benecos beauty after trying their natural eyeshadow from the beauty handbag heroes edition, because their products are so easy to use. The polish is fast drying and after applying 2 coats, is picture perfect.



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