Hi Lovelies. So here we are again with another monthly beauty box review and I can confidently say GlowwBox scored a touch down, as they say, with this “Holiday Vibes” edition. Although I haven’t yet planned any upcoming holidays, does the summer holidays count?, I’d like to think I can get into the holiday spirit through a bit of beauty. You know, let your skin shine like the sun and all that jazz. Enjoy!

The Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum is the perfect addition to my cleansing routine. I love the consistency as its not too thick that it feels like it’s clogging my pores and it’s not too thin that it feels like it just sits on top of the skin. The serum works like a wonder moisturiser that reduces all efforts as it feels so luxurious on the face that I tend to get into massage mode. I was a little flustered adding it as another step after cleansing but it works great as a little drop in my current moisturiser so I’m delighted with it and its 100% natural soft scent. So far I haven’t seen any drastic changes in my skin but it early days still, it feels great on and I haven’t had any adverse affects so I’m happy with it.

After my last phenomenal experience with Neal & Wolf s product, I could easily have been bias on this review but thankfully I didn’t have to be because they knocked it out of the park again with the Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil for all hair types. Seriously just rubbing it on my palms has me in paradise, the velvety feel and amazing scent were enough to sell me but the daily care for my hair is a truly special and well deserved indulgence.

I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by my last experience with Popband but I do love this new neutral tone and gold version. A nice touch of elegance for the hair or ,as I prefer, the arm for the festival feeling. Great for not leaving any kinks in my hair when loose and cute and stylish when in an up do.

The PHB Natural & Organic Lip Crayon in Tiger Lily is a pretty lip piece for me. Great for spicing up my nudes as a liner and perfect for vamping up my reds as a colour. It’s deep pink two-tone effect is versatile and flattering and glides on like a dream without the drying effect.

Glowwbox definitely read my mind on this one because the Willow Skincare Vitamin A & Bamboo Blissful Peace Exfoliating Body Wash has changed my bath times for the better. Giving me a soft feeling and light scent after every wash, I’ve definitely found blissful peach. I love that it has effective micro beads and added vitamins and I’m more than happy to swap over my current make-shift body exfoliant for this one.

The Konjac Facial Puff Sponge in French Pink Clay on its arrival looked like a aired-out cookie so it was quite cool to see it soften under warm water. It felt amazing on my skin and although I’ve been using a face brush to cleanse recently, it was a nice change especially around my delicate eye area. It definitely works best with cleansers, as I tried it with my exfoliant but it simply softened out the effectiveness of the beads. I love the feel of the sponge even to touch but I would prefer if it was available on a stick too as I was concerned about how to store it without worrying about germs and bacteria but thankfully the user guide suggests storing it in its pouch in the refrigerator or placed on a heated towel rail which suited me just fine.

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