Hi Lovelies. Ever wondered round a luxury department store and silently wondered how to pronounce the designer names you were looking at? You may have even tried to sound it out whilst doing online clothes shopping… Well you’re not alone.

As a fashion stylist, part of my work involves speaking to, with and of designers and getting their names right is an important part of positive client/business relations. There are so many international designers and with this comes spectacularly fancy foreign designer names that are not as they seem so I’m glad came up with a useful pronunciation list for the 101 on how to pronounce some of the biggest & popular designers and  I thought I’d share it too.

“Ever found yourself stuck for words when trying to pronounce some of the trickier designer names in the fashion lexicon? Us too. And, we figured, if we find it hard, then pity the poor woman who has a normal life and no time to study such things. So for anyone who has ever stumbled over Sonia Rykiel or mumbled their way through Martin Margiela, Team Bazaar has compiled the ultimate cheat sheet to help fashion fans master the dialects of the designer names alphabet. Practice makes perfect…”

Anna Sui: anna swee

Ann Demeulemeester: ann de-mule-eh-meester

Azzedine Alaia: azz-eh-deen ah-lie-ah

A Détacher: ah day-tah-shay

Acne: ahk-nay

Alber Elbaz: ahl-bear el-bahz

Alexandre Vauthier: ah-lex-ahn-der voh-tee-ay

Andrew Gn: an-drew jin

Anya Hindmarch: ahn-yuh hind-marsh

Aquilano Rimondi: ah-kwi-lahn-doh rim-ohn-dee

Badgley Mischka: badge-lee meesh-kah

Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-gah

Balmain: bahl-mahhhhn

Bottega Veneta: bow-tay-guh vah-netta

Behnaz Sarafpour: ben-ahz sar-uh-for

Bibhu Mohapatra: bee-booh mo-ahh-pat-rah

Bouchra Jarrar: boo-shra jahr-arr

Burberry Prorsum: burr-behr-ee prohr-sum

Christian Lacroix: christian luh-kwa

Christian Louboutin: christian loo-boo-tan

Comme des Garçons: comb dey gah-sown

Carven: cahr-vehn

Costella Tagliapietra: coh-stell-oh tag-lee-ah-pee-ay-troh

Cushnie et Ochs: cuh-sh-nee eht ocks

Dolce & Gabbana: dol-chey and gab-ana

Dries Van Noten: drees van know-ten

Elie Saab: ee-lee sahb

Emanuel Ungaro: ee-man-you-el oon-gar-oh

Erdem Moragliou: air-dem more-ah-glee-uh

Ermenegildo Zegna: ehr-men-e-jil-doh zayn-yah

Etro: eht-ro

Gareth Pugh: gareth pew

Giambattista Valli: gee-am-bah-tease-ta vah-lee

Gianfranco Ferre: gee-ahn-franco feh-ray

Givenchy: zjee-von-shee

Guillame Henry: gee-ohm ahn-ree

Hermès: er-mez

Hervé Léger: air-vay lay-jah

Hussein Chalayan: hoo-sane sha-lion

Hedi Slimane: ed-ee slim-ahn

Issa: ee-sah

Issey Miyake: iss-ee mee-yah-key

Jean Paul Gaultier: zhon paul go-tee-ay

Junya Watanabe: jun-yah wat-an-ah-bey

Kinder Aggugini: kinder ag-ooh-gee-nee

Kirna Zabête: keer-nah zah-bet

Lanvin: lahn-vahn

Loewe: loh-wev-eh

Louis Vuitton: loo-wee vwee-tahn

L’Wren Scott: la-ren scott

Maison Martin Margiela: may-sohn martin mar-jhell-ah

Marchesa: mar-kay-sah

Mary Katrantzou: mary cat-trant-zoo

Miu Miu: mew-mew

Monique Lhuillier: monique le-hu-lee-ay

Moschino: mos-key-no

Maiyet: may-et

Maje: mahj

Nicholas Ghesquière: nee-coh-la guess-k-yair

Olivier Theyskens: oh-liv-ee-ay tay-skins

Proenza Schouler: pro-en-zuh skool-er

Rochas: row-shahs

Rodarte: row-dar-tay

Roksanda Ilincic: roksanda ill-in-chik

Ralph Lauren: ralf lor-en

Rei Kawakubo: ray cow-uh-kooh-bo

Salvatore Ferragamo: sal-vah-tor-re fer-ra-gah-moh

Sonia Rykiel: sewn-yah ree-key-el

Sacai: suh-kai

Schiaparelli: skyap-uh-rell-ee

Thakoon: tah-koon

Thierry Mugler: tee-air-ee mu-glare

TSE: say

Ulyana Sergeenko: uhl-yahn-uh s-air-jane-koh

Vika Gazinskaya: vee-kah gahv-in-skee-yah

Vionnet: vee-oh-nay

Versace: vur-sah-chee

Yves Saint Laurent: eve san lau-ron

Yohji Yamamoto: yoh-jee yam-ah-mo-to

Yigal Azrouël: yig-ahl ahz-roo-el


  1. 02-02-2014 / 01:05

    I have a book about how to get in the fashion industry with a chapter like this. It's veru important that we know how to pronounce the brands right if we want to be in the industry. Great post!


    • Abigail Ayoola
      02-02-2014 / 02:53

      I totally agree Alyssa, Oh and do list the book when you get a chance. Xx

  2. 02-02-2014 / 04:18

    LOL at this guide, thanks for posting, i mean some people rly gotta learn how to say it though.

  3. 02-02-2014 / 09:01

    This made me laugh, so helpful in those awkward situations though!

  4. 02-02-2014 / 21:46

    Omg , some of these names are tongue twisters you know…lol .Salvatore Ferragamo does come with an accent too when pronounced ,i see you stretched the ''gamo'' by adding ''h'' like the italian accent. So glad i came by your blog to know about this. Really lovely post.

  5. 04-02-2014 / 08:20

    This is quite helpful because sometimes, I read their names and really wonder how the hell am I supposed to pronounce them.

  6. 05-02-2014 / 06:24

    This is heaven sent for all the fashion bloggers out there. Thanks for sharing!

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