This week, I had the privilege of having an interview with fashion designer Anna-Paola of swimwear brand Paolita. She shared her loves, wishes, celeb fans and other favourites with me as well as some exclusive Paolita news. I’ve met the Paolita team previously, visited their boutique and worked with their pieces from their Paolita Lingerie A/W 2013 show collection. So I can assure you Paolita is a name you need in your resort wear, swimwear and holiday book.

1. Your favourite piece from the current Paolita Collection?

The ‘Mandalay’ is my absolute favourite design in both colours it comes in.  I think that the detailing in this bikini makes it very special. The frills on the bottom smooth out any bumps and the top has push up padding which gives AMAZING cleavage!

2. Your favourite inspiration when designing Paolita pieces?

I get very inspired by travel and and folkloric crafts of different cultures.

3. Your favourite way to relax after a hectic day?

I love taking a nice hot bath.  It is somewhere where nobody can call or reach me and where I actually can’t bring any work into the bath-tub… unless its a bikini I guess lol

4. Your favourite experience since starting Paolita?

I established the company along with my business partner, Joseph in May 2010! Our birthday is actually coming up!  My favourite experience is when Vogue got in touch with me to do an exclusive interview and photo shoot! It was extremely flattering.  An other favourite was when Rihanna’s stylist came round and chose some pieces for her, one of them being the Belladonna.

5. Your favourite celebrity you would love to see in Paolita?

I would love to see Shakira in one of my pieces.  I think she is one of the sexiest women in the world and would definitely represent the spirit of Paolita well!

6. Your Favourite trends for the new season and how will you be incorporating them into Paolita’s next collection?

I like to always keep what I will be doing in the next collection a secret until it’s ready.  However you can expect a lot of bright colours, more shapes and we will be introducing large cup sizes for the first time!

7. Favourite piece of EXCLUSIVE news for Paolita fans/wearers?

We just opened our own boutique in Marble Arch, London!  It is at 18 New Quebec Street, W1H 7RX, where the whole collection is available and unless I am on a business trip, I always look to personally fit my clients into the swimwear that will flatter their figure.  The boutique is a great way of getting immediate feedback on my designs in order to make them better the following seasons and  I sometimes organise workshops or fun events for women.

Check out more of Paolita’s fabulous swimwear at:

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