In the Starlight this week is an interview with Ara Jo. Ara Jo is a London based Freelance Fashion Designer. She graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Womenswear in 2009. She has been working on her eponymous label “Ara Jo” since her graduate collection and has had her work featured in Vogue Turkey, Dazed and Confused, NEO2, InStyle as well as other top publications.

Ara’s pieces have even been worn by celebrities such as Lady GaGa, Jamelia and Leona Lewis. She also working on ‘Ara Jo & The Super Egos S/S 2012‘, an upcoming collaboration collection showing at London Fashion Week this year. Having previously met the designer and worked with her amazing pieces, I decided to interview Ara Jo with seven flash questions to get to know her a little bit better.

1. Favourite Summer Nail Colour:

Neon pink or very sky blue!

2. Favourite Accessory:

My gold necklace with pendent which my mom gave to me. I’ve been wearing it for almost 7 years now.

3. Favourite Piece from your collection:

There are two! The boning dress from Central Saint Martins graduate collection. It was worn by Lady GaGa. The other one is a feather dress from 2011a/w The Empress collection. I love the texture, love the shape and it’s a really special outfit to me.

4. Favourite Item you can’t live without:

Needles and Threads. I know they are not really ‘fashion items’ but as I’m a fashion designer, I can’t live without them. Each stitch is with passion..I just love it!

5. Favourite Summer Tune:

Its a tune by a Korean artist, DJ DOC called summer story. Its old school music and I used to listen to that tune every summer with my friends. We were dancing, singing all together!

6. Favourite Summer Drink:

Mojito or Jin & Tonic. But I think my favourite drink this summer is Guinness punch. I’ve actually tried to make my own Guinness punch with the recipe and it tasted not bad..! haha, not too sweet, smooth and bit touch of spicy, yum!

7. Favourite Fashion Trend:

Any trends that are sexy and sophisticated. I always enjoy women in sexy outfits such as see-through, very fitted ones, but still keeping ‘the elegant’ side as well, which is very important.

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