I’m excited over my *clears throat* “few” recent purchases, mostly from online shopping which I love & hate, but some from actually leaving the house. It got me thinking about online shopping and why we choose the methods of shopping that we do.


Now as a fashion stylist, I definitely know the benefits of shopping online. It allows me to search and locate pieces for clients without always having to leave the office. I can recommend products to my readers with an almost reliable catalogue of images. They are only fully reliable if we were all 5’10 size 6 models. It also allows me to update my wardrobe staples while still in puppy print pj’s. Oh and there’s that excitement of waiting for your parcel to arrive, almost like waiting to open your Christmas presents.


All these points are good right? But then there’s the issues of “well, I might not look like that in those green leggings” and unless your 5″11, chances are you won’t. There’s also boredom buying, which I’m sure the majority are guilty of. Finally, there’s waiting for your item to arrive (I was never that patient at Christmas either). If after all that the items aren’t suitable, there’s the annoyance of arranging returns and the joy of sometimes having to pay for the privilege. Then there’s waiting all those working days (aka we need the interest) to get your money back!


Physical shopping is no saint either. I mean, you actually have to leave your house and you can’t do it in pj’s either. Well that’s unless its that recent pyjama trend in which case we know it won’t be a primark nightie. If you don’t have the privilege of living next door to the stores or own a chopper, you’ll have to deal with traffic. Like road traffic, foot traffic, fitting room traffic and till traffic, then work backwards again for the journey home. Oh and be sure to repeat these steps if you change your mind about the items you just bought. In the end, you’ll probably spend more time and money in the shops than you intended because of the advertised items and deals. Another note is unless you’re shopping luxury, there’ll be the issue of the off-putting presentation of a jumble sale.


But fairly, physical shopping is still very much a practical sport. You can enjoy walking the streets and viewing the street style and trends. It allows you to try before buy, find pieces you not available online and physically see and feel the pieces. Shopping in person also works best for last minute purchases. Although online stores are now trying to make it easier to shop, with offers like free postage, pay later options and some like ASOS with free returns, you just can’t afford the time for that buy, try and return process if you have a last minute event.

I use and love just as much as hate online shopping for reasons already mentioned. But of course I’ll still use it because whilst I’m not completely a recluse, it can be so convenient. When I’m super busy, I have the option to buy online in between editing and sourcing. Then when I’m out doing stylist pulls and client fittings, I have the option to physically pick the clothes. In the shop I can drool over the astonishing attention to detail and that’s something I just can’t do at any computer, besides I’d mess up the keyboard.

 Abigail Ayoola.


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