You can always count on quality, classic and tailored pieces to not only stand the test of time but in outfit colours like beige and black, have you looking prim and proper at a moments notice. This featured look was the perfect ensemble to attend a luxury stylists event this week. It was sophisticated enough for the theme of the event but had enough of a twist with the contrast pockets and monogram prints that it was current and fresh.

Chatting with fellow stylists at the event, I was pleased to learn that I’m not the only stylist who believes in or practises minimalism as it’s not usually what you come to expect in an industry known for excess and fast turnover. Having a wardrobe that consists of carefully thought out pieces that flatter and fit YOU, pieces that are timeless and transitional and pieces that most importantly you love, will give you the best bang for your buck in terms of cost per wear and will have you saying “I have something to wear” daily. I really appreciate a good tailored piece because to helps you look put together without much effort and I definitely appreciate quality because as you can see from my father’s blazer that I love wearing, amazingly made pieces will keep you stylish through the years, even generations.

[Photography: Abi Oshodi]


(Alternative) Black Crepe Top

Black Cropped Trousers

Beige Blazer

Brown Loafers

Brown Monogram Print Crossbody Bag

Tortoiseshell Wayfarer Sunglasses



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