There’s something quite magical about finding the perfect jumper dress for you. Just like finding the perfect anything for yourself, it effortlessly boosts your confidence, flatters your body and looks fabulous. There’s such an overwhelming array of jumper dress options, that it’s easy to just stick with the more popular styles. But patience and understanding your personal style makes all the difference to your choices. When you finally come across the one, you’ll know it. Trying it on should immediately make you feel fabulous and beautiful.


Whether you’re buying or even thinking of making a jumper dress, there are many designs to choose from. Like standard short jumper dresses that you can also restyle with jeans to better suit your taste, as seen in the power of style. Or long statement options like this featured asymmetric jumper dress.

This off-the-shoulder dress shows just enough skin to still be elegant, while the sheer skirt detail adds the ultimate feminine touch. The knitwear top is thick enough to keep you warm on chilly days, while still light enough and perfect for spring. The mix of textures in one item is an effortless way to wear multiple textures in one outfit.

This jumper dress, although very much a statement, is versatile and comfortable. For this look, a waist belt is added to the knitted fabric for a more defined silhouette. This style works well for Sunday brunch, date night or a less formal event. For a casual twist, you can style the jumper dress with boots and create a draped look with a belt. You’ll just know when you find the perfect jumper dress for you because you’ll want to style it every which way and it’ll let you.

[Photography: Abi Oshodi]


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