Jumpers are great style pieces to wear dressed up or down and a nice motif jumper can make a cute Autumn look. A subtle and pretty motif piece like this ‘Love’ jumper makes for a more cute and elegant finish. Believe it or not, making an effort and dressing up even when you have no need (or possibly want) to is a form of loving yourself because it involves subtle reminders to be your best. Of course, being your best isn’t just about your style and presentation and I’m not saying to wear a ballgown to the supermarket (but hey, whatever tickles your fancy) but even if you’re lounging at home, something as simple as investing in good quality loungewear will change your mood and vibe. I find that when I’m feeling unbothered and not as motivated to make an effort style-wise, just forcing myself to change one thing can make all the difference.

When I started this look, I wanted casual comfort and opted for a warm knit in form of this Blue LOVE Motif Jumper and although I didn’t look like a slob when I originally opted for slides to finish off this outfit, it really didn’t help my funk but just making myself slip on some beautiful heels really changed my attitude because they instantly force you to walk upright and tall, which is best when you’re out in public. Of course, heels aren’t always the answer but making little changes and efforts are, so get hyped on that highlighter, layer on that lipstick, jump in those flattering jeans, boss up in your blazer, permeate your air with perfume and glisten in your gold jewellery, if it helps you love yourself a little bit more each day. Enjoy!


(Alternative) Blue LOVE Motif Jumper

Light Blue Cropped Jeans

(Similar) Burgundy Court Heels

(Similar) Iena Tote Bag

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Red Lipstick


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