Hi Lovelies and Happy New Year. What a wonderful feeling to be able to celebrate a new chapter of our lives and see in a new year (I’m writing this in advance so I’m trusting God for that one). I’m a great believer in seizing each day and creating change daily as opposed to waiting for events to form resolutions but there is something to be said about rewriting your story for the new year. It’s great to be able to say “In 2016, I achieved…” or “2015 was the last year that I…” feel free to fill in the blanks as it suits you.

I personally have so many things, habits, events and let’s face it people that I’ve already left in 2015 because I want 2016 to be all about peace, happiness, prosperity, sincerity, success, healthy relationships and fabulous style and I very much wish the same for you all.
Let’s understand that we have the power to have beautiful lives if we only use the courage within us to go for it and not settle for less. As I recently read, you are under no obligation to be the same person you were 6 minutes ago let alone last year so don’t worry about blinding anyone with your shine in 2016  as long as you’re not dimming another’s light to do so.
Speaking of blinding, what better way to step into the new year than with full on sequins. I reworked my vintage sequins top that I wore for my last 2015 outfit post to enhance its shine with a black sequins pencil skirt. Although the idea seems a lot, I think the look balances out quite well and if it doesn’t, I just gave a whole speech about shining this year so either way it works, right?
Remember, happiness and success is yours for the taking, so shine on!
Happy New Year. Enjoy!

(Photography: Abi Oshodi)


Dark Sequin Top 
Black Sequin Pencil Skirt 
Black Peep Toe Heels 



  1. 01-01-2016 / 18:00

    Beautiful in sparkles! Here's to 2016 being the most fabulous year yet!

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