So after understanding your personal style, it’s all about perfecting it. Undoubtedly, we all have times when we might not necessarily struggle with change itself but more with dealing with the reactions and opinions of others to our change. Especially if you’ve become accustomed to people putting you in a “box”. The box where they’re use to how you’ve always dressed or prefer to describe your style in their own words.

You may have been known to dress punk, high street, casual, or grunge, but it’s ok to grow out of it and into sleek, luxury, sophisticated & tailored look or vice versa. It can be hard to break away from the “norm” because of fear of judgement, criticism or mockery. But changing your life and look is part of the growth you’ll need to experience sometimes in life.

Upgrading your life and style is the real “level up/glow up”. And although it can be delayed while you build your courage (and bank account), it should never be denied due to fear. Once you understand what makes you happy, make it a point to have more of it in your life. Whether that’s black outfits, the perfect jumper dresses, power suits etc. The more you work on perfecting your personal style, the less apologetic you’ll be for being unapologetically you.


It’s ok if you don’t like short dresses because pairing them with tights, means that you can still wear your favourite finds. It’s not the end of the world if you find really low cut tops uncomfortable, layering a white shirt underneath gives you options. Don’t worry if you think trainers make you look stumpy; a chic classic wedge sneaker might change your mind. Once you know what style makes you smile, it’ll be easier to make more fashion pieces work for you. Even pieces you thought were off limits, will appeal to you when you’re perfecting your personal your style.

I often joke that “If EVER I catch myself slipping and caring what other people think, I straight away look at my bank account, search their names under deposits, and as if by magic, all is right in my world.”

Now that’s not to say that people’s opinions only count if they’re assisting you but let’s honest, it helps. The main point is that people’s opinions should not hinder your actions, desires, aspirations or fashion choices for that matter. Ultimately, understanding your personal style is one thing, but practising and perfecting it is another. Developing your personal style is a journey and perfecting it, is a lifelong commitment, but it’s definitely a duty that you owe yourself.


[Photography: Abi Oshodi]


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