When it comes to having the essential handbag collection, no wardrobe styling is ever complete without a chic convertible backpack. So along with your tote bag, cross-body, clutch and handbag, the only piece left is the multi-functional backpack. Depending on your style, the choice of backpack you make is very important and the 7 backpacks you need can certainly help with that choice. But ultimately, they should be practical yet stylish, sophisticated and small enough to be versatile and feminine but big enough to be a practical workhorse.

Light In The Box is a global retail site that have vast bag style options available. They also have much more to offer, from fashion to gadgets, weddings to home and garden and so many more choices (even languages). You may even appreciate that the items come directly from the manufacturer. Although, it is smart to note that depending on your location with an international purchase, customs charges may apply.


This black convertible Leather backpack is a fantastic multi-funtional fashion option and the perfect styling choice. Beautifully structured and elegant with multiple pockets and ample space, this backpack is not only functional but stylish and smooth and the best part is it can be worn three ways, as a backpack, handbag and crossbody. Therefore you have many looks you can style this bag with and really get great cost per wear. What more can you ask for from a bag?

From leather backpacks to leather loafers, are a great option for everyday style essentials. These black leather loafers/moccasins are sleek, simple and stylish. The androgynous look of this unisex pair is perfect for casual and smart occasions. Ultimately, they offer chic comfort and affordable luxury.


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