Just to be clear, I’m not the one that creates the clothes, (although coincidentally I did create this top) but as a personal stylist, I’m the one that makes magic happen with the whole look from head to toe. So if life is about putting your best foot forward, I’m the one that makes sure you’re wearing the right shoes!

People say looks aren’t everything, but it surely is something and something major at that. When it comes to inspiration and putting your look together, whether you’re using the least brain power or the most data on social media, we all take some level of care and often pride in our appearance. What you wear in the morning (or night) can truly affect your mood, posture and even confidence, so it really does pay to care and incase you’re wondering, being shallow isn’t in your presentation, it’s in your personality regardless of what you put on.

Personal style isn’t just about matching colours and following trends, it’s the power of self-awareness and showcasing what you’re really about without saying a word, ultimately style is about telling your story.

I recently shared a little on my fight with depression and in my deepest/lowest state, I can honestly say at that point, style was the least of my concerns but on the flip side of it all, I realised I didn’t care about my style and presentation because ultimately I was a space where I didn’t care about myself. I would tell myself, “none of this really matters” but it did and sometimes it really is the little things. After taking a few years to heal my mind, I was chatting to a lovely lady about moving forward with my life and without realising the impact of her words, she simply said “just go and do something for yourself right now, go and get your nails done.” It might seem like such a simple suggestion but sometimes a “big” problem can be solved with a few “little” words of wisdom. That week I started to get back to myself, physically. I got my nails done and wore a new outfit that I hadn’t already worn 3 days in a row, (yes that had happened) and little by little, the remaining cracks started to fill.

I always knew the power of styling through my work as a stylist and adding value to every client that I worked with but when personally faced the true meaning of its impact, I didn’t have to force it, I just felt it.

“Be faithful to your own tastes because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

[Photography: Abi Oshodi]


(Alternative) Blue Sheer Panel Top: Customised by Me

Black Skinny Jeans

(Similar) Round Blue Mirrored Sunglasses

(Similar) Brown Monogram Loafers

(Similar) Monogram Crossbody Bag



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