Hi Lovelies. We all know the importance of sleep and it’s benefits, so if I truely explained to you my sleeping patterns over the years, you’d think I was exaggerating. There was even a point in my life when I survived (key word: survived) on 2 hrs a night, move over Margaret Thatcher, in her iron lady days of course.

You see sleep and I have this love-hate relationship, where I love it but it seems to distance itself from me, as though it is somehow jealous of my relationship with life. I’ve tried to entice it back to me over the years by spicing up our nights together with things like oils, sprays and even pills but it was always too much effort to sustain. Then I found spacemasks, or should I say spacemasks found me, through a lovely lady I had puppy dog conversations with on the London tube.

Spacemasks was the simple solution that sleep and I needed to find and truly love each other again, gazing all night at the stars… on the packaging, before getting lost in the warmth of the eyemask as its iron particles are heated up by the oxygen molecules in the air. It truly is interstellar relaxation.

The mask feels cotton-wool soft and very light on the face without any strong scents so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin. I’m a toss and turn kind-of sleeper so after my first night, the space mask wasn’t in the same position I left it but I still woke up feeling rested and energised and without the feeling of heavy eyes, something I’d grown accustom to.

Be aware that the masks are single use only (although they come in packs of 5) if you’re using them for the heat factor like I do for that instant relaxation but for the simple black-out factor, they work a treat on repeat. It’s amazing what the Essence of jasmine and iron powder can do for ones relationship. *wink*. Enjoy!



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