The fabulous April GlowwBox beauty box features a new collection of beauty products for a classic beauty, all from fabulous brands. With the new edition, you get to play Barbie with new classic beauty toys to try out.


The Benecos Natural Lipstick comes in a Pink Rose shade and it feels find it very moisturising and is long lasting. Its shade looks lighter when worn, but that works fine for that classic makeup beauty look.

 The Nazila Love Glamour Alter Ego Nail Art Pen in classic black & white, also comes in a gold & silver combination. What’s great about the Nazila pen is that both ends are usable. One end is a normal nail varnish standard brush end. While the other end is a pen tip you can then use to create intricate details and patterns on top.

It’ll be a short while before I try out the Lavera Organic Repair & Care Shampoo, as my latest wash day was all about getting that spring glow. Which I got with the Be Unique Bamboo Manoi Milk shampoo from the March GlowwBox.


The final product for a classic beauty in the April GlowwBox that you’ll receive, is either the Ibeba Natural ‘DNA Repair Cell Serum’ or ‘Mega Bright’.
To be completely honestly, I’m very skeptical of trying the Ibeba Natural ‘Mega Bright’. This is just because one of its points is that its a “super powerful lightening cream”. Given the recent Lupita vs Dencia “whitenicious” dark skin debate, I wasn’t exactly sure what the results would represent. I’m very happy with my skin tone but of course like any woman, beauty is important to me. And with that comes the quest for an even-toned and luminous complexion, which are also the points of the ‘Mega Bright’ as well as SPF protection.

I’m not a beauty expert and therefore do not want to muddy the waters if there actually is a difference between lightening and bleaching creams. I just wasn’t sure, so please feel free to educate me if you do know. I’m all for pursuing even skin tones and I’m probably naive to the fact that products that actually achieve this, must in some way alter the pigmentation of the skin through lightening (or darkening, as I’ve found in the past). Maybe its the actual word ‘lightening’ that’s thrown me off but I’m still 50/50 on attempting to use this product.
What are your thoughts on lightening creams?


All this still reminds me why I’m still a fan of GlowwBox. Because in all honestly, these are products I would never have discovered, had I not subscribed to their beauty box. Also, it’s great that, even if there’s one product out of the box that you don’t like or are unsure of, the other products are usually worth more than the total value of the box, so you’re still guaranteed value for money. It’s enjoyable trying out different beauty brands. Therefore in this way, being educated on what’s available and what works personally for your skin, hair and nails.


In The April GlowwBox (All for just £10)

1 | Benecos Natural Lipstick Rose Pink – £6.95

2 | Lavera Organic Repair & Care Shampoo – £5.95

3 | Nazila Love Glamour Alter Ego Nail Art Pen – £3.99

4 | Ibeba Natural ‘Mega Bright’ – £32.95


  1. 19-04-2014 / 19:36

    Thanks Abigail for a fab post! We're really happy to hear you love GlowwBox and our April Edition!

    We can fully appreciate your concern over bleaching and lightening creams and it's a concern we share.

    Although everyone has a right to choose the beauty products they use, we are not fans nor do we recommend bleaching creams as they do contain harsh chemicals and can produce damaging results, which is the last thing we want for our subscribers.

    With lightening creams however we found that this is not the case – the brand reassures that the Ibeba Mega Bright contains natural ingredients that gently and naturally solve common skincare problems for women of all skin types like skin discolouration, acne and dark spots, which we felt was a fab discovery and hope our subscribers feel the same.

    We hope that helps and "clears the mud" a bit and please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

    Jason at GlowwBox

  2. 29-04-2014 / 19:39

    *Brightening creams (not lightening creams) – GlowwBox

  3. 29-04-2014 / 19:39

    *Brightening creams (not lightening creams)

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