The only good thing about being ill during LFW A/W 2012 is that it forces me to take a little rest break and also review the Sranrom products and Smooch cosmetics lipstick I was recently gifted. Two major things I’ve needed to do in the longest time is calm down and sleep tight. And wonderfully, the Sranrom Products happen to help do just that. It’s a match made in style heaven that I got these products with names as ‘Calm down’ and ‘Sleep tight’. The first being a hand lotion (£14.00) and the latter an aromatherapy mist (£18.00).


I wasn’t expecting two cutely packaged products to make such a big difference to my life and my sleep. Although I did expect them to have a soothing effect, being that they have a holistic approach that incorporates aromatherapy. The Sranrom products definitely did and their aromas are amazing.  The sleep tight products infuse White Champaca and Ylang Ylang flowers to help with tension and anxiety. While the ‘Calm Down’ blend is made from the essential oils. Including Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime, to help with headaches, soothe nerves and ease stress.


Even if it hasn’t yet completely revamped my life, they are amazingly useful and calming products. The hand lotion is moisturising with a silk feeling while the mist is a ‘breath of fresh air’. If you’re a master of sleeping but have other areas of wellness concerns, Sranrom have other ‘Urban Wellness’ products.  These include the ‘Get Lively’, ‘Clear Mind’ and ‘Feel Good’ ranges.


I’m generally partial to a pink lip than a red lip, but I wanted a change. So this shade select from Smooch cosmetics does it all for me.

I was a bit wary of going too light as I have full lips already and lighter red shades tends to make them shout ‘attention please’. But I was like a ‘child with candy’ when I slicked this Smooch lipstick across my lips. Not only does it slide on like a balm but keep it on for at least 20 minutes and you can wipe it off and still get an awesome natural lip tint. It’s not as dry or matt as other lipsticks I’ve tried but hey, who said that was a bad thing. It feels amazingly moisturising and lasts for ages.

It’s the ultimate cool in lip wear as it’s not fussily bold but it’s not blandly dull. I absolutely love the casing with it’s smooth texture and simple but cute design, it’s not badly priced either at £7.50.

If like me you’d rather start red lipwear with a suitable shade to your skin tone, try the Deadly Nightshade for darker tones or Rocking Red for lighter tones. But don’t be afraid to branch out and be bold and daring. Smooch also stock some stylish shades of pink like Sweet Tooth, which I’ll also be trying out as well as their other products.

Finally after reviewing the Sranrom products and Smooch cosmetics lipstick, I’m going to calm down and sleep tight. I might even do it with a red lip.

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