Just because you’re on lockdown, doesn’t mean your personal and home style should be too, so these 7 items are great motivation for keeping you fab and not drab during your time at home. This is especially helpful if you’ve just completed the tasks for perfecting your wardrobe during lockdown. Making the effort to not stay in your jimmies all day, is not only great for your self-esteem but it’s also a great way to continue your routine and still have some normalcy.


A top might be so obvious but with so many styles to choose from, getting the right balance between comfort and elegance, especially if you’re working from home is important. From really casual tees to formal button-up shirts, the options are vast. One great choice is a blouse in a happy colour that is sure to lift your lockdown spirits. As you’ll be at home, picking a comfortable but still complimenting top is key. This coral silk wrap blouse is figure-flattering but loose enough for multiple activities. Because, you still want to look good while working, eating, napping, eating, chores, eating etc…


Jeans might look great on but there are certainly more comfortable and sophisticated bottom options for looking stylish during lockdown. Options like these high waist cotton trousers are great for giving you a more elegant look with minimal effort and maximum comfort at home. Although leggings might be comfortable under oversized shirts, other great polished bottom options include plisse pants, wide leg trousers and chinos.


A great robe is a home essential and with the amount of time you’re sure to be spending at there on lockdown, you might as well pick a robe that is comfortable, great quality and pretty. Now, this is not your winter time, sofa snuggling, ice-cream eating type robe, this is your spring-daytime-still-on-my-grind type robe. For effortless elegance, yes even in a robe, avoid hoods, go for solid colours as opposed to prints and remember that a smooth fabric pick is always more luscious than a fuzzy bear style. A great style option is this black modal robe that is elegant, simple and versatile.


Just because you want to feel elegant at home, doesn’t mean you have to don heels all day. Additionally, just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you should pair your sophisticated looks with big bunny slippers either. These black pointed toe slippers are a great example of how to upgrade your off duty shoes. They look great at home and away but most importantly, they are comfortable and stylish.


Is any home even really complete without organising bins? Not only are they functional and necessary but you can truly add some style with a personal touch to your home during lockdown with stylish organising bins. They are great for organising clothes, accessories, shoes, books, nail kits, haircare and everything in-between. Depending on your personal style, you can go for wicker baskets, a wire storage bin, or even felt cubes.


Because face & body care are a given, hair care and hair styling accessories have to be noted. If you want to feel lovely during lockdown, making your hair look pretty is a fast and easy way to do so. So avoid the old tattered scrunchies and dress your lockdown locks with a pearl hair clip, silk-satin headbands or even the fabulous long tie scrunchies.


Finally, with the overload of hand washing we’ve all been doing lately, nail care and nail tools are certainly 1 of the 7 items you need during lockdown to keep you in style. From hand cream, to cuticle oil and infused nail polish, don’t neglect your hands and nails at home. Be sure to nail it during lockdown with rich products to really nourish, hydrate and strengthen your nails, such as this gentle polish remover with abricot care concentrate .


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