There are outfits that make you the belle of the ball and those that make you princess of the party. Both mean that you stand out but each represent different occasions. As a ball is a more formal regal event, a party allows for a more playful and fun look. Unlike the more sparkly crystal party outfit, this outfit inspiration has a colourful summer vibe that will not only make a statement but crown you as party princess.

The flared style of the dress adds a princess feel and the beautiful multicolour print makes it easy to style. This is because its varied ice-cream colour palette gives you a range of soft colours to choose from when matching accessories. For such a bold dress, I’d recommend keeping the colours of the accessories simple rather than going for additional prints or more multicolours to avoid making the outfit too busy. To that affect the look works well paired with a metallic clutch and blush pink heels. Finally the pretty gold detailed jewellery adds the sparkle fit for any party princess.


1 | Paule Ka Jacquard Flared Dress

2 |Susan Caplan Vintage Necklace

3 |Marni Leaf bangle

4 |Tom Ford Beauty Blush Lipstick

5 |Lerre Pink Court Heels

6 |Serpui Marie Metallic Clutch


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