Wardrobe Staples are simply Good Basics that provide you endless style options! Being on trend and having those seasonal statement pieces is all well and good but every lady needs those wardrobe staple pieces that will carry you and your style through EVERY season and ever changing trends.

These select style staples are, if you like, the stencilled outline to an artists work. Without these outlines, there would be no defined starting point. Here are some staple selects to help you get started on or get editing your wardrobe and remember to factor in quality, it matters.


This is my favourite wardrobe staple, far from just being a boring piece, the t-shirt works with just about everything. It can be smartened up with a blazer and tailored trousers, dressed up with an embellished pencil skirt and heels, sports-luxe with fitted leggings or casual with a denim skirt and sneakers, the style possibilities are endless.

Whatever neck style you go for depends on your personal preference, whether it’s boat, crew or v neck, make sure its flattering. For this staple piece, you’re ok to pick subtle details like peplum but it’ll go far to avoid any obvious logos or slogans as this makes the top more statement than staple and therefore limits its overall styling possibilities.


Contrary to belief, the classic white button down shirt is not played out or only reserved for formal work days or interviews, it actually makes a phenomenal wardrobe staple as it’s versatility is unmatched.

Not only can it be worn for the aforementioned scenarios but it can also be worn in a smart casual look with jeans and statement accessories and a more contemporary way underneath a dress, or jumpsuit for some edge.

If you’re still not convinced, you don’t even have to get the classic white shirt in the classic fitted style, you can opt for a version that speaks more to your personal style, like an oversized fit or an alternate hem pick but be sure to not go for a cut that defines a too particular trend or an embellished collar as that defeats the purpose of a staple.


Whether you’re a grey, black, blue or even a white type of jeans lady, the main aim of this item is to have a casual go to bottom that is versatile and flattering no matter the cut, fit, shade or time of the month.


Not everyone loves black clothing, which I’ll never understand but hey. So don’t overlook this option because of colour because you can apply this staple to a more versatile colour of your wardrobe choice like navy blue.

Having a flattering staple trouser or skirt means your’e ready for that formal meeting or smart-casual event at a moments notice.


By now, even men must understand the importance of the black dress. The “little” part usually does refer to the length but I prefer for it to reference the simplicity.

Any little black dress in your wardrobe should be a simple versatile piece whether sleeveless or maxi, it should fit and flatter you and make you feel fabulous every time you wear it.

The LBD should be simple enough that it can be made to look different with accessories and complementary pieces and not so instantly recognisable but stunning enough that it make an impact at that impromptu dinner, event or function every time.


The blazer is a magic staple that gets you formal, business or meeting ready in a flash , even with jeans. The blazer even works fabulously with a Date Night Outfit. Even if you just want that everyday power woman look, a stunningly cut blazer in your wardrobe will give you effortless edge.

If you’re just not a blazer kind of girl, why not invest in a fabulous leather jacket. Leather jackets are a staple, style veteran and season transition-er, if that doesn’t scream staple then knock me down with a feather.


Now if you’re a back pack kind of gal, I don’t know what to tell you but there are many occasions where this look won’t work. A tote on the other hand, regardless of your personal style (not taste) will also be versatile.

A simple medium tote in one classic colour in your wardrobe is the best option for transitional qualities as well as the option to rock it day and night.


The classic shoe is any footwear minus a sneaker/trainer that has you looking polished, chic and put-together in an instant. Now whichever choice you make under this category will be determined by your personal style and lifestyle. For me, I love a good loafer.

Not only is a loafer classic and timeless but they’re comfortable and give an overall polished look. Other wardrobe staple options include the ballet flat, pointed kitten heels and court heels. Now you don’t have to be as classic with the colour as you are about the style but block colours ensure better cost per wear as opposed to loud and bright prints.

If you’d like a more personalised wardrobe staple edit or if you’d like to find the perfect pieces for your body shape and best suited denim wear, CONTACT ME for a free style consultation.


1. White crew neck T-shirt

2. Black Tailored Trousers

3. Black Belted Blazer

4. Black V-neck shift dress

5. Grey Suede Tote Bag

6. Pink Leather Horsebit Loafers

7. Grey Suede Pumps

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