What to wear to the theatre can confound almost anyone but the truth is unless the royals will be in attendance or you’re on a date, you can pretty much wear anything you like. Now for the sake of the woman who dare not sport jeans and a t-shirt to any playhouse, other than children’s plays and active performances, this outfit serves as great inspiration.

Theatres invoke a classic and regal feeling. They often present an amazing experience and so should what you wear. Of course, you don’t have to be elaborate but you should make an effort. Just like this fabulous Knee-Length Dress does, that has a classic touch but playful design. As you’ll be sitting through the performance, you’re free to choose the prettiest heels like these Pointed Glitter Boots if you’re feeling daring or these Satin Sandals if you’re being a darling. For a less formal but still stylish version of this outfit, the pale prints outfit inspiration comes to mind.

Unless you’re planning to pack your own snacks, a cute small statement bag like this Hexagon Bead Bag will be perfect. Keep your accessories simple and classy and be sure to wear your bold red lipstick over a smile. Although this outfit works so well to wear to the theatre, it’s muted tones also makes it versatile. Therefore this look would also work well for a gallery event or the races like Royal Ascot with a hat/fascinator.


1 |KOCHÉ Knee-Length Dress

2 |Sergio Rossi Pointed Glitter Boots

3 |Giuseppe Zanotti Design Satin Sandals

4 |Asos Edition Hexagon Bead Bag

5 |Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder Lipstick

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