The Glowwbox March edition beauty box is all about relaxation, which we all need and filled with products to pamper and rejuvenate, it’s no wonder the beauty box has already sold out. But don’t you worry, it’s still worth the review because each product is still available in the Glowwbox shop, ready to induce feelings of relaxation.


The March beauty box favourite has to be the Mizani Satin pillowcase. It is certainly worth the investment, because it feels so soft and is delicate on the skin and hair. It’s hard to believe that a pillow can make so much difference. But the successful Glowwbox x Mizani beauty box, shows that quality is at the heart of the brand. There is no itchiness or roughness that you can sometimes get from cotton pillowcases. Additionally, the gold colour adds some extra luxe to your boudoir.

A big benefit of The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Headband is keeping your hair out of your face when washing or applying make up. Apart from that, it is as cute and pretty as it is useful and practical.

Because your hair deserved to relax too, the Activilong Paris Stop Break Pure Keratin System is a great addition to the relaxation edition beauty box. With its watery consistency, the treatment is best applied after shampooing. Apply an ample amount and leave it under a shower cap for up to an hour. It works to strengthen the hair and has a beautifully alluring scent to it which makes it lovely to use.


The Lucy Annabella Argan & Frankincense Organic Treatment Oil is another favourite. It has a beautiful rich consistency to it and makes the skin feel moisturised without feeling greasy or leaving residue. It does not have an overpowering smell and it keeps your skin smooth throughout the day.

The Bramley Bubble Bath has a strong scent but it also gives a very rich lather and a relaxing bath.

The Mavala Concentrated Foot Bath is great for the feet and works best after a good scrub. Its menthol qualities leaves the feel feeling fresh, with long lasting moisture.

With soothing properties and lustrous scents in everything you need from your head to your toes, you can see why the Glowwbox March edition is the beauty box for relaxation.

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