Hi Lovelies. When it comes to accessorising, I take style staples very seriously. Although I’m very versatile when it comes to statement pieces like necklaces and arm candy, when it relates to rings, my jewelry pretty much stays on high rotation and I wear the same pieces all the time.
I recently added this Caroline Creba ring* from House of Fraser to my staples collection because it’s a sterling silver jewel that blends so well with my white gold pieces. I love the single solitaire charm of the stone and the gorgeous matte finish of the ring, so it’s the perfect little quaint addition to my ever adored and much needed staples family.

Weekend Prep. 20.02.15 Flatlays


Anyone else have a shop worth of nail polishes at home but will still go to the salon for a manicure?!? 21.02.15 FlatLays

<From Where I Stand> Shooting with Liz


<From Where I Stand> When the rain can’t dampen my style. 19.02.15


Simple things like chocolates & home made cookies. ❤️ 14.02.15 #ValentinesDay


<From Where I Stand> Grey Days!


<Food> Lunch at Pho. 11.02.15


Sunday Tea Time! 08.02.15 Flatlays


Dear Summer, Hurry Up! #throwback


Thursday Treats. Macaroons 05.02.15 Flatlays


Hump Day Happenings! 04.02.15 Flatlays


<Food> More Delights. 03.02.15


<From Where I Stand> Black Boots & Burgundy. 03.02.15


Sundays… 01.02.15 FlatLays


It’s FriYay! 30.01.15 Flatlays


…Because after Fashion is Food! 29.01.15


<Food> All warm & fuzzy inside with Lunch Dim T restaurant. 29.01.15


Oh the joy of un-boxing jewels! Thank you Graced London! 29.01.15


<From Where I Stand> Double Denim Days. 28.01.15


Whatever the day, there’s always time for sushi! 26.01.15 Flatlays


The Glorious Glowwbox Best Of British Edition. Testing them as I type. 23.01.15 Flatlays


Mad For Plaid… Kinda. 22.01.15 FlatLays


Funners in the freezing cold on a Blogger Collaboration Shoot. 21.01.15

<From Where I Stand> Black Details Today. 21.01.15


Is it simply perspective or the way things really are? 20.01.15.


No matter how bad things look, always remember the words, ‘it came to pass’, not ‘to stay’. Once you’ve grown in the areas where God thinks you need additional maturity, the season you’re in will pass. Nothing lasts forever.

Although it’s hard to believe at the time, ‘You will forget your trouble and remember it…as water gone by.’ BeInspired


 Embellished Pencil Skirt | 1st #GIVEAWAY of 2015!



UPDATE: 27/01/15  CONGRATULATIONS To @wuzzy_ on winning the Embellished Skirt. You were tagged in my #Giveaway by @sheryl_king. #HugYourFriend #IHopeSheWillLetYouKeepIt #ThatWasANiceThingToDo!


Just Another Manic Monday! 19.01.15 FlatLays


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  1. 23-02-2015 / 13:19

    These are so great! I just love the pic with all the nail polishes!

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