<From Where I Stand> Some Old-Skool Glamour.


Some pretty little flower footwear.


Orange Jeans.


<From Where I Stand> It’s a black & red theme today, so I’ll just have this cupcake to match. 24.06.15

This may or may not have been my 5th one today but anyway who’s counting! ? 25.06.15


Vintage Vixen.


<From Where I Stand> Being sporty today. 29.06.15


Today’s beach essentials. 01.07.15


Statement Skirts.


<From Where I Stand> Monochrome for the win. It’s all food + fashion today, as usual. 02.07.15


This current heatwave has me like…


<From Where I stand> Some simple cream & tan action going on.


‘Werk’ing Girl.


<Food> Fully English!


<From Where I Stand> Double Denim today with a hint of pink. 06.07.15


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