Hi Lovelies. Here is a catchup on my latest social happenings. Enjoy!


<From Where We Stand> We’re so cool & so casual in today’s style collaboration…


A Casual Collaboration.


I’m loving Glowwbox’s July special edition #BeautyBox with Palmersuk, so much so that I’m doing a giveaway for you to win all 7 products featured.


<From Where I Stand> Networking!


And don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. That Is All.


 Warm Pop.

<Nailed It> Some Pretty Pink Action Today with Topshop. 04.08.15


<From Where I Stand> Red & Black. 05.08.15


<ootd> Casually Cool.


Good Morning Petals.


<From Where I Stand> I’m feeling like a right ‘tulle’


Grey Tulle!


<Food> At: Jamies Italian, More London


A Day At The Beach. 09.08.15



It’s an easy black & white fashion affair.


Simple Monochrome.


<Flatlay> Ready For The Day. 13.08.14


<From Where I Stand> Some Friday Fierceness!


<Flatlay> When Life hands you lemons… Go all Pinterest on it and make lemon ice cubes! 16.08.15


That Sunday Feeling… Even if it is almost over.


<Nailed It> Rocking ‘One Perfect Coral’ from Revlon in the latest GlowwBox for a bright week ahead. 17.08.15


<From Where I Stand> All black vibes for work today. 18.08.15


<From Where We Stand> We’re crisscrossing and all sorts today.


At: Oaka at The Mansion House

<Food> Dinner 19.08.15


Monochrome Mode.


<Food> Nandino 4 Life! 21.08.15


<From Where I Stand> Leopard Loving.


<ootd> Thou shall wear leopard print on Sunday.


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