Hi Lovelies. I hope you’re doing well. It feels great to be getting back (of course in black) into the swing of things and feeding my true passions once again. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to even discuss my absence from the blogosphere and social media over the past year and even toyed with the idea of simply ignoring possible confusion of my sudden return and blog posting and just acting like I never left. I’ve deleted, re-written and edited this piece so many times, I asked myself “did/would anyone even notice? so why not just continue as before?”, but out of respect for those that did at one point or another take the time to follow my work and question my absence, I thought they deserved at least an explanation, so here goes.


I love the art of fashion, always have and always will but there came a point where I fell out of love with everything else around it. The social media rage where numbers is king and quality is a peasant, the follow back maze that almost every blogger and person breathing gets lost in and the constant culture shifts, where fast fashion, superficiality and the Kardashians are worshipped were amongst the many reasons I wanted to take a step back from it all. Along with many personal life changes that included minimalism, trying veganism and taking up yoga, there were so many things causing me to re-evaluate my whys, whats, passion and goals.

I started in fashion as a stylist to share my creativity and inspire others and then as a blogger to document my fashion and style journey but somehow lost my focus along the way which I’ve seen is so easy to do when you’re following the crowd and not your calling. Don’t get me wrong, most of the content you’ve seen from me was authentic and personal to me, but within myself my actions were driven by outside pressures rather than inner goals.


Deep down I’m an old soul and I just miss the good old days, when people actually took the time to follow and read ‘real’ blogs and websites but now, it truly is “fast fashion” all around. I’ve seen so many blogs (of substance) that I used to follow no longer active or closed down and it makes me truly sad. Instagram has made it easy to simply focus on superficial visuals and see your life’s work in a collage of pictures without ever having to even know ones domain name, twitter focuses on limiting characters, while Facebook is about creating a whole new character altogether. Don’t get me wrong, social media has made it easier for us all to share and connect but it seems we’ve overshared our way out of quality and individuality and are more disconnected than ever.


If you’ve ever questioned your work or your purpose, especially in this industry, my words may resonate with you but I also want you to know, there’s a place for you. I mean, who wants to be everyones cup of tea anyway? I don’t even drink tea! It may seem like you’re always just working behind the scenes but you’re really just preparing for your time to shine and nobody’s star is equal so be ready because your moment won’t look like what you’ve seen on someone else.


I just needed some time away to unwind, rewind and start again and I had to take the time to take my time. You may have noticed a few changes on my site like my site name, I simply thought it best to keep things simple and fuse my portfolio with my personal style diary. You’ll no longer see content like “get the look” or “awards show fashion” on my blog because unless I personally have styled the celebrity, I quite honestly don’t have the interest. I want this space to be a place of creativity through my styling work and inspiration through my blog posts about personal style, what to wear – outfit inspiration, events and lifestyle.

I understand that the only thing constant in life is change, so it’s always best to embrace it rather than fight it but the key word is to ’embrace’, also translated as seize which means ‘take hold of’ change, not get swept up by it. I plan to take hold of the changing tides and fully intend on riding the waves my own stylish way, popular or not. Ultimately it’s all about being true to yourself and strengthening your foundations, right?


For today’s look, I’m restyling this beautiful black vintage textured dress that I last wore 3 years ago when I purchased it. When shooting, Abi Oshodi asked me “haven’t you shot this already?” to which I retorted “yes but the whole point of my work is to show people how to make the most of your wardrobe, plus the dress might be old but I’ve changed!” so here’s how the 2018 me would style the dress versus the 2015 me. Enjoy!

[Photography: Abi Oshodi]


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  1. 13-09-2018 / 21:04

    Loved this post and couldn’t agree more! I’ve felt the same way many times. Glad you are back! You’ve been missed x

    • Abigail Ayoola
      14-10-2018 / 21:52

      Thank you so much Toya, I truly appreciate that. Kisses

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