Hi Lovelies. I hope you’re doing well. I’ve always believed that accessories make an outfit and your hair is your biggest accessory, if you don’t believe me try dressing your best whilst having a ‘bad hair day’. I remember a time growing up when unless you were going to a disco party or a part of Jackson 5, it just wasn’t cool to sport an afro as an everyday look, especially for work. I mean, we’ve even heard as recently as last year, work place uniform codes that ban the look as a “professional hairstyle”. Well whether times have changed or I just have, I can’t understand why we were ever made to believe such nonsense. The afro to me is like a beautiful crown to be displayed and proud of regardless of your environment, albeit weather permitting and all.

It really wasn’t until I started my own natural hair journey that I could really appreciate the impact of an afro for my myself and you really have to have a certain level of pride/confidence to rock one because they do make an impact, whether you like it or not. I was recently complimented at a business meeting about how lovely and “professional” my afro looked and that they preferred it than my “other” look and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked. That was the first time in my life that I’d heard the two words used together positively. With all honesty, finding the confidence to rock my afro at work took time because for many years my clients were used to seeing me with “straight, sleek” hair but taking the time to take YOUR time can sometimes be the best strategy manoeuvring through this thing called life, that and mastering the attitude of not giving a **** (insert most appropriate noun/verb).

Jay Z (I know, now she’s quoting Jay Z!) said it best when he said “I don’t let anybody speed up my process, I don’t care what’s happening out there. That’s the great thing about having ultimate confidence in yourself, is it doesn’t matter what’s happening, this is what I like.” Enjoy!

[Photography: Abi Oshodi]


Black Shift Dress

(Similar) Grey Sleeveless Jacket

(Alternative) Black/Gold Belt

(Similar) Black Suede Slingback Court Heels

(Alternative) Black Leather Crossbody Bag



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