Hi Lovelies. After a productive week, you’ll probably be looking forward to either winding down or turning up this weekend, either way you’ll want to look and feel your best doing it. If you’re anything like me, there are certain prerequisites, albeit simple, that ensure that I’m going to feel good enough to have a good time. Simple things like my hair and my nails. Ever noticed that you could look like a hobo from head to toe but as long as your nails are “on fleek” (are we still using that these days?) then everything is right with the world? Well this is the power of well tended-to, manicured and styled nails.

I always tell my personal styling clients that style is not simply limited to clothing, it’s in everything that is associated with you, yes even your nails. If you’re wondering what the style trends for nails are this year then keep reading.

For many years, I had acrylic nails which gave me the ease of experimenting with all colours and patterns because I handed all the work over to the nail tech but for over a year now, I’ve tended to my own nails, growing them long and strong. Of course, it’s a bit more work when you do it all yourself but the rewards, especially financially, are worth it. Right now, Whether you’re a DIY diva or a salon sister, here are my favourite four on trend gorgeous go-to looks for your nails.


Right now, all shades of nudes are my favourite because they are versatile, transitional and flattering. Not only does a good nude elongate your fingers but they work well for day, night, work and party. For a more adventurous look, try the ombré effect with two different nude tones on one nail or adding glitter to the tip for a French manicure with a difference.


I recently read an amazing ebook from Ellisons called ‘A Touch Of Luxury’, which details how to perfectly create preened nails and it mentioned that your chosen polish shade can reveal a lot about you and your personality. If you’re trying to reveal the bold and bossy side of you, you’ll love a metallic manicure with the chrome nails trends, also known as mirror powder. With perfect shades of  two-tone colours, silver, gold, blue and rose gold, your hands will be sure to stand out, or at least blind someone with their greatness.


Seriously though, when will red nails ever not be on trend? Ellisons ebook states that red nails reveal a confident personality, so the only thing left to master is getting the right shade for the occasion. It’s easiest to remember that light shades work best for daytime, while you can darken and vamp it up for the evening, either way you’ll be ravishing.


With the colours yellow showing happiness, orange showing sociable, pink showing romantic and purple showing spiritual, it’s only right that colour blocking be a thing this year. Contrast and mixing it up is not for the faint of hands, so be daring darling.

Underneath it all, remember natural nail care is key, that way you’ll have the base (and cuticles) to indulge in many more trends to come. Enjoy!

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